Yes!!!… It’s my Birthday 🎂

Funny thing! I went to bed 28 and now I’m 29 Ha!

29 is almost 30! I want to believe that the body ages but the spirit remains the same.
I mean, if you ask me, I feel 12 because the thought of being responsible and paying bills doesn’t still sit right with me.

I just want to be a baby girl, carefree, and dreaming about what I would use all my salaries for once I start working. I guess the joke is on me because that is not what is happening now.

There’s no point in denying aging, it doesn’t work that way. But knowing that doesn’t stop me from feeling like there is a lump in my throat when saying 29! I hope by 30 I would put off this childish charade.

Anyways, I am very excited to have made it to the last year of my Twenties. And I believe I have learnt something along the way worth sharing with you.

29 things I’ve learned by 29.

  1. You are truly responsible for your own experiences.

2.Laugh more, because life is more beautiful that way!

3. Don’t stress. Even though it’s hard not to, it’s just not worth it.

4. Pray more often and work as hard.

5. Spend as much time as you can with your grandparents and parents. Time is tick-tocking. 

6. Cry when you need it. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling.

7. If you are a foodie like me, drink water before eating, it would make you eat less. 

8. I have learned not to spend money I don’t have. That is a slippery slope. 

9.It’s necessary to have fun and silly moments. The funnier and sillier, the happier memories you would have.

10. When you are in a bad mood, try listening to your favorite songs. 

11. Love and appreciate your parents. You never know what sacrifices they had to go through for you.

12. I’ve learned that sometimes you triumph. Sometimes you learn.

13. Your employment is never secure. Have a backup plan.

14. Be kind, everyone is struggling with something, be kind. 

15. Fighting back angry never solves a problem, it just escalates and makes it worse.

16. If you want to earn more, you have got to learn more. Don’t stop learning and growing as a person.

17. Always do the right thing – for example, staying home during a pandemic unless the government says otherwise. 

18. Not everyone would like me, and I am ok with that 

19. There is no place like home.

20. I believe in love love love love!

21. God lives, and He’s loving and forgiving.

22. I no longer wear dresses that make it impossible for me to breathe properly because they are beautiful.

23. Even though I might think I am right, it does not mean I always am.

24. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. We all have our journeys. 

25. Be proud of achievements, huge or tiny. No matter the size, they all demanded determination and an effort to achieve them.

26. Goof around with your siblings. It’s fun. 

27. Apologize. No one is perfect. We’ve all done wrong before.

28. True friends understand your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.

29. Never be embarrassed about your story. I’m imperfect but that is what makes me beautiful.

So those are 29 things I’ve learned in 29 years. Well not everything, but those I believe stand out. I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Tell me some of the most important life lessons you have learned.

Anyways, I’m so happy you’ve joined me today on my birthday post. This year is going to be good! I can feel it. Cheers to a good life!🥂🥂

Don’t just lie there! Wake up! 🧟‍♀️

I have watched and read insane amounts of horror movies and stories in my life to nurture an interest in encountering paranormal activities. 😈 Most nights, my mind starts buzzing with what could be lurking in the dark when I am on my way to use the washroom.

I don’t know if you would agree to this, but there is an appeal to insanity, a certain joy in letting your mind play games with you with regards to what you would do if you were the character. 🤪

Well, it’s a different ball game when it becomes a reality for a few moments. When the same nightmare/demon decides to visit you as often as it can. 😱

For some reason it is mostly at night and this is how it usually starts:

I think to myself not today, not today. Please spare me. 👻

 I’m awake, I can’t move, I can’t shout to stop this shadowy figure from inching closer to me. My countless attempts to mention the name Jesus fails. 

Drowning in immerse fear, I feel the shadowy figure climbing onto me and we both start sinking into the bed. Kicking is useless because my body is unresponsive. 

After a long internal struggle, I finally snap out of it. With my heart pounding and sweat breaking on my chest and forehead. 

There is generally this excitement about breaking free and conquering this evilness in spite of all the dread that just happened. I don’t know what prompted me to Google it this time around, instead of my usual self, diving straight into prayer binding all evil and demons that are out for my poor soul. 

This is exactly what I typed: 

What does it mean when you awake and can’t move?

 My surprise when sleep paralysis showed up! I mean what the hell! So it’s not a demonic attack as my friends from secondary school would tell me. Watching all those horror movies amounted to nothing. No out of the world experience. 😢

In school, our conversations would take a form like this, ” Desaha, we have to get stronger in this our battle against the devil. I was attacked by the devil yesterday, I tried hard to call you but I just couldn’t. I prayed in my head asking for the counsel of angels to come to rescue me.” 😂 Hilarious huh?

Now that I had made the discovery, I had to tell my friend. I quickly sent a message to her. She didn’t believe me. I mean, if she doesn’t trust me or Google enough, I don’t know what will. 

All I know is that, I was so relieved to know it isn’t a demonic attack as we have been made to believe all along in school. I am disappointed though, I can’t go round spinning stories of the underworld. I mean, how else am I to feel alive? 😂

Anyways, has this ever happened to you? I’d love to hear about your experience. 

Cheers 😊

It’s a year! It’s a shame! 😥

Is anyone still here?👀
Do I still have any readers? 😰
Well, if all my fans have fallen off I cannot accuse them.😩
Why would anyone follow a “blogger” that has not posted in almost a year?
I do not have an excuse for this break. It only comes to one word!


Sincerely, most days I just don’t feel like doing anything but to breathe, work, eat and goof around. Other days, I get an explosion of enthusiasm and try to do as much as I can before going back to my passive/disinterest mode for days.

You all know life can be overwhelming sometimes and that is the period that I am in right now.
Nevertheless, I am here now. I will try to post monthly and visit all your captivating blogs as much as I can.

Thank you for sticking with me so far.😘


I swung my arm to the left and involuntarily my right arm also swayed, I looked like I was performing a graceful dance, mostly interrupted by the trickling of water on my face. I gently wiped off the water and continued with my pot-on-the-head-dance, this was the last lap so the luxury to be a bit playful.
“Teni!! Teni”!! I turned and watched Lamisi trying to catch up with me, in her rush her water turned to tidal waves.
“Lamisi, what is the rush, slow down before you get to the house with an empty pan”, I told her.
“You should know I hate to walk alone plus you are a good company”, she said, “Lamisi, watch your step before you splash water on me if I wanted to be wet like a chicken and by chicken I mean you, I would have thrown myself in the lake,” I remarked

wet chicken
“Teni, you talk too much”, we both shared a hearty laugh and continue on with the pots of water. “You were remembering, weren’t you, I saw the way you kept swinging your arms and swaying your waist, you aren’t thirteen anymore, leave that to your girls to do.”Did you say girls’’, I laugh, ‘‘do we ever allow our girls to be girls”? We both became silent for a while and at that point, I noticed my folly. I quickly felt sorry and scolded myself. Lamisil was just in the process of getting her daughter to marry the Tindan, the overseer of our village. I must have stepped on her toes with my latter comment. It is the truth that needed to be told, it just came out wrong.

When we were given off to marriage we both vowed never to allow our girls to experience such a life. Now, twelve years from that one of us is already breaking that vow. It is evident that talk is always cheap; it takes a strong-willed person to stand by their word. We both carried on with our thoughts just like the heavy pots on our heads. We got to a junction and parted ways.

As I set my pot in my yard, I wondered why we kept making the same mistakes repeatedly. Thirteen years ago, it was me sitting on my mother’s mat whiles she shared with me, the ways of this world. Why I had to marry the man old enough to be my dad and how the cattle and cash would greatly help the family, especially to pay for my brother’s education since he was due for junior secondary education.
“Why do I have to be the one to quit school?” I remember asking her.
“It is for the best my daughter, besides your father has already started preparations, this isn’t the time to back out. You knew this day would come, didn’t you?
That night I cried my eyes off, my dreams to be like my primary teacher had been washed down the drain without my opinion on the issue. I loved her confidence, the way she engaged us in class and her constant plea for us to take our studies seriously so we could end up like her or land any job we wanted.

Since then I haven’t been able to shake off that feeling that my bride price was all that my parents needed. I knew we were poor but we were doing just fine until I turned 15. And the excuse that the bride price was meant for my brother’s education made things worse for me. Why should I be the sacrificial lamb? I kept wondering what had changed. Now that I think of it I remember my mother’s ‘nightly lecture’ on the ways of our people. Just last four months she had proposed that I could give my older daughter, Temaame off to marriage if I couldn’t go on shouldering all the responsibilities of my late husband. I had vehemently refused and refreshed her memory on how it was me years back and how all my pleads had gone unheard. How I had wanted a better life than I was having.
I quit my thoughts and gathered my maize to put them out in the sun.

As I started taking out the husk, Larbil, my childhood friend passed by, she was clothed in a dark cloth, her eyes downcast and her facial expressions spoke volumes of sad emotions.
“Hello Larbil”, I greeted her as she got to our yard.
“Hello”, she replied. “I hope the weevils aren’t getting a better part of your maize”, she said
“My sister, ours is a battle of the weevils and for the men, it is a battle of cows”, I chipped in a joke and her smile broadened.
“Hmmm…” she said. “It is well” she added.
“Where are you heading to, my dear”, I questioned her.
“I’m going to the medicine man to take my medicine to fortify my womb.


You know the ways of our people. I have to quickly get it before my in-laws start accusing me of eating up my baby”.
I sighed at her response,” but our people should understand that babies are a gift from our gods, I don’t understand why it should always be the woman’s fault should something go amiss. Take heart my sister; let’s pray our children don’t suffer the same fate.”
“Hmmm… How are you also coping since the demise of your late husband?” She asks.
“Life hasn’t been easy my sister,” I tell her. “I struggle to cater for the children since his family took over all he owned. According to them, I have no claim to his property and who am I to protest? I live each day wondering what my children will eat. With no skill or education, how do I survive in this world full of hardship”?She rose and complained about the sun scorching so much and that she needed to get going.
“Be safe”, I tell her.
“Be safe too”, she responds.

As I watched her, I wondered how she was able to cope with all that she was enduring. She has been in our part of the village for the past two years trying to pick up pieces of her life that had been shredded by first, a miscarriage and now a baby that was stillborn.


Most of the older women had arched their eyes when they heard of the second death of the child. I prayed in my heart hoping she wouldn’t be branded a witch and sent to the witch camp. I remembered she told me when she had lost her first child in confidence that the nurse had complained about her not being matured enough, hence the complication of her pregnancy. I believed her, but for our part of the society, the only reason why a mother would lose a child is that she is described as having a “bad spirit” or worse of a witch.


The wind whispered the sounding noise of the school bell, Temaame and Tembil would soon be rushing home for their lunch. I quickly dashed into the kitchen to reheat the soup, in their rush in the morning they had refused to eat their Tuo Zaafi. I was thrilled knowing that they had their school at heart.

As they rushed to the house I couldn’t help but swell with joy. I swelled with joy because I believed they had a fighting chance of having a better life. I remembered the promise I made myself when I had cried myself to sleep. Never was I going to allow my daughter to suffer such similar fate.

I am bending myself to make it possible for their school to materialize, and the death of my husband hasn’t made situations any better. I haven’t given up on myself yet. There is an on-going adult education class and I am planning to be a part of it,. They aren’t many but we have got to start from somewhere and of course, most of our village folks would be wondering why we are wasting our time. It is never too late to chase a dream.

But for my girls, I am here to offer them my best.


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Why I wake up at 2am Everyday

Rule No.3 How to avoid being on my bad side: Do not disturb me when I am sleeping. I mean, it is that simple.

So my 2am waking up was never my call, but my neighbors thought it would be a great time to seek the Almighty God in the earliest of dawn. This started early this year and they seem pressed to take it to the end of the year.,

First day: I got up panting because the noise was all of a sudden and usually when I wake up like that it is followed by a headache. I actually thought they were gunshots, silly me but listening now with a clearer mind I realized it was just people clapping their hand. Ah, who were they calling, their ancestors?


It was soon followed by singing, typical Ghanaian worship songs at 2am, for crying out loud! This went on for close to 30 minutes. Then the prayers started. I guess whispering wasn’t going to cut it so they started praying at the top of their voice. Oh did I forget to tell you it was just on next door neighbor so I wasn’t spared a volume of their charade?

They left me with no choice but to stay awake for the entire 45 minutes section, listening to my new found radio. To say I was infuriated, would be an understatement.

But like everything, it finally ended and I got back to sleep.

Second day: I went to bed the following day forgetting all that had transpired last night.
I was sadly awakened the following day by the same neighbors. I had no choice than to plug in my earphones and watch a movie. I mean in this day and age who watches a movie because they have been forced to or because they don’t have a choice.

The next day, my dad who had had enough of their ceremony went to speak to them. They apologized for the inconvenience they had caused us. They explained that they were going through some trying times in their life and such a battle could only be fought with a midnight prayer. I remember my dad saying they didn’t have to wake up the whole world because they were praying. They shared a hearty laughter and told us it wouldn’t happen again.

Third day: I changed my sheets, I mean I had dreamed of my bed the whole day. I was to reunite with my bed with no interruption. Who wouldn’t cherish such a thought?

These people must be joking with us. They were at it again. I was amazed for a second, did my dad not speak to them or not. Why the sudden change of mind? So my family also thought enough is enough. We all got up in our nightwear and went knocking at their door.

Efiawura* came close to the gate and asked who it was. My mum responded and that was it. He just said ok and left.  He told us it was too late to have a conversation. wp-1524221562233..jpg

We banged again and nothing. Did he just ignore us?

You would be surprised by their next prayer topic. ” Everyone hindering their prayers should be made mute by God.” I was shocked. Maybe it was about us maybe it wasn’t. Talk about coincidence and suspicion.

I know we have spoken to them more times than we can count.

This isn’t fair, doesn’t the good book say we should do unto others what we want others to do unto us.

My sisters and I are waiting for next year. Maybe by then, they would have gotten an answer to their prayers.

We would also wake up and make all sorts of noise at 2am just because revenge is sweet. I know two wrongs don’t make a right, but man! I have got to pay them in their own coin even if it means banging my utensil to get back to them I will.

I hope our noise is as annoying as this:


Everyone deserves some peace and quiet!

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It’s always personal.

You shouldn’t be reading this.

It is called a diary for a reason, so please don’t give in to the temptation.

Just walk away.


09/05/ 2017


Dear Diary,

I finally convinced my family to move from our old rented place. Even though this would be the third time we are moving, my family understands me. I have a gift. We couldn’t have survived another day there. The place was oozing with pure evil. They have tried several times to kill me but they failed. Now, they want to amputate my daughter’s leg. She just got simple Malaria, she got injected and they want to use the injection as a means to amputate the leg. Never!

I am very glad we got away.



I like my new neighbors. They invited us to their housewarming.

I like how I feel in this house. It feels holy and safe.




There is something creepy going on next door. I should have known, these people are not any different from our old neighborhood. They are very jealous of me.

They have started using charms on me so they can kill me and come and take all my belongings.

It shan’t work!



I have been watching the Addisons really closely. They live in the house next to ours. I can’t believe it. Are there any good people in this world? 

They have turned all the wall in the house into mirrors so they can be watching every step I take. They did it spiritually. What crime did I commit against the underworld? They seem to be working together to have me killed.

So today I thought enough was enough, I stood at my house and complained about how I see their evil work.  My daughter asked why I was talking to myself and shouting. She told me to keep quiet but how can I? I have to fight this evil that wants to conquer me.

I wish for once God will open my family members eyes so they can see what I have to deal with every day.


My sleepless night has started. At night when everyone is asleep my eyes are wide opened. The best I get to sleep is three hours. I have got to go back to my sleeping pills. 


It’s been a while.

About the Addisons, now that their secret is out they have devised a new way to torment my soul. These days when I eat the food just vanish from my stomach. But I have managed to beat them to their game. When I have to eat I have to get a cloth and tie my stomach. Problem solved, there is no way they are going to make me starve to death.

Another thing, I don’t understand my husband, he claims it is weird that someone would want the food I have eaten already.  That it doesn’t make sense that I have to tie my stomach before eating. I envy how naive he is. To be naive is good.



Can you believe it? I need to work fast before these people finally succeed. I haven’t been able to go to the loo for the past three days. Anytime I am there, some spirits poke their hands in my you know, the little girl behind me. In fact, they want me to be frustrated, I must admit that is a bit childish to use my poop to make my life miserable.

I have to identify which spirits these are. I have to act fast.


My prayers worked. I went to the loo and you can imagine my joy.



My husband is such a snoop. He looked at my dairy and didn’t even have the decency to keep the secret to himself. He showed me he had balls by confronting me about the content of my diary. Saying they aren’t true. Just because he doesn’t experience them doesn’t mean they aren’t real.

Ken, I hope you read this and see how myopic you are.


I have a confession to make: I don’t always shower every day. Sometimes, I don’t even shower for four or five days. These days I have decided to shower only when I am going to church.

The evil spirits like clean people. I am not going to be their meat!


Today was a very happy day even though my kids acted like it wasn’t. I mean it was raining cats and dogs and I decided to relive my childhood days. I clapped and danced in the rain and my husband and kids looked at me like I was crazy. It is their loss, they have no idea how much fun I had. wp-1524735415816..jpg

Ken tried to drag me back to the house but I wasn’t having any of it. He chased me, slipped and fell. I laughed so hard but he just got angry. How can he not see the humor in that?

I had to make a deal with him. I told him to kiss me in the rain and we would go back in. 

He did, his lips tasted great. Isn’t love sweet?


My mum visited today. She kept on asking me if I was ok. I remember telling her yes countless times but she wouldn’t have it. She kept disturbing me with the same questions. wp-1524736010825..jpgThen it came back to mind, it must be Adina, Addison’s wife, she is one relentless woman. She must be playing mind games with my mum so I get distracted by what she really wants to do. So I did what I was supposed to do. I care for my mum but I wasn’t going to allow them to use her I like that.

I had to send her packing.


New neighbors moved to the house on our right.

I hope they are like us. By us, I mean good and not greedy or evil hearted.


Now, I believe the words of my pastor, the devil is a liar. I just know things. I have realized that the Mensah’s, the new neighbors are part of an occult group.

Are there no good people in this world?

I must warn my children not to play with their kids.


It is 10;30pm and Ken isn’t back. His phone is switched off.  These Mensah people want to use him for blood money. I must let them know that I know what they are up to.

I am back, that was a lot of work. But I did it. I have stopped them. We must reconsider moving from this place again. Too much evil!

I went banging on their gate and when they opened I bagged in. There was no time to waste. I picked the nearest stone I could find and started smashing their windscreens.

I told them if they wanted my husband they had to kill me first. All three cars yes! I “massacred” them. hehehehehehheeh, Isn’t revenge sweet?

No evil, I repeat no evil, shall prevail over my family. Mr. Mensah’s wife came out and was crying, She ain’t seen nothing yet, I would deal with them one by one if they touch my family.

I just heard my husband come in. See? It worked like magic.



Ken was really upset about what I did to the Mensah’s car. I don’t blame him. If he really could see he would have known that I saved his life.

When I explained how they wanted to use him for blood money he called me crazy. My Ken called me crazy. People don’t appreciate it when you do good for them. But I am going to do it “by thunder by fire.” I have got to protect my own.


I seem to be coming here a lot lately.

Dairy, you are the only one that truly listens to me. 

I am going to stop the church. 

For my sake and for my family sake. I shall not die, I thought the church was a safe place but the evil one keeps spreading his tentacles. Once they get me, they would get my family. My family doesn’t understand my actions. I really wish there was someone who could really understand me.


Ken sat me down together with mum and told me I am sick. That all I have been seeing and experiencing are all in my head.

I have never been so disrespected in my life. What did he mean by it is in my head? 

If he wants to play with an insane person he should find one.

But for me, I am very sane.


Mama visits again asking me why I have decided to bath once a week. I am not going to waste my time explaining things to her. She wouldn’t even understand me if I did. I am in the world filled with people but I am the most lonely person I know.


Can you imagine how much I have missed you? 

I had to convince Clara to sneak you in.

Ken and mama lied to me. The two people I trust the most in this world. They just looked at me and lied to me.

Three days ago Ken told me that he wanted to give mum and I a treat.wp-1524734645747..jpg

 I asked where he was taking us to and he said it was a surprise. I sat there very content for having such a loving husband. We got there and the sign I could see was The Brain Hospital, it was quite strange but since he said it was a surprise I let myself go.

We got there and I realize it was a hospital. A psychiatric hospital!

What is the meaning of this Ken?

What are we doing here? I panicked and tried running away but some men in white caught me and took me away. 

All that while Ken just kept shouting he loves me. Why did you marry me if you knew I was mad? I wish he could give me an answer. 

 Is that how love works?

Dr. Zabana, I giggled the first time I heard his name, told me I was going to be fine. He is a nice man. We had dinner together. I miss home but he made me comfortable enough not be worried about it.


BipolarDr. Zabana told me in one of our conversation that I have Schizophrenia.

You should have seen the look on my face.  I think I am pretty normal. I am just gifted just like our SU president told me back in school.

Just gifted not sick. 


I have made some new friends. The stories they tell me are painful to listen to. Anyways am learning a lot for DZ, that is the short name for Dr. Zabana. 

I have been given drugs that make me weak and dull most of the time, I have complained to him but he says it would make me get better and go home soon enough to be reunited with my family.

I mean they visit, but it is just not the same.


Yaaay!! We are going home today but sadly I have got some friends to come with me. 

My drugs!

I wore my favorite dress. I hope Ken likes it. I have missed him a lot. I can think of a thing or two  I would do with him once I get home.

But most importantly, Schizophrenia is an everyday affair and I promise to make myself better. I don’t want to be torn off my family again.



I have got the love and support of my family and I will survive.





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You & Me ❤️

Apem- Guy👨

Laly- Lady👧

Phone beeps and Laly hesitates to pick it up. The night took an unexpected turn, but she does.

Apem: Hey, I hope you got home in one piece.

Laly: (Laughs) Yes I did

Apem: I enjoyed every bit of time I spent with you.

Laly: Really, after everything I told you?

Apem: Yes, especially after everything you told me. I don’t love you any less.

Laly: I told you everything about my past.

Apem: Ermm so?

Laly: And you are sure you still want to be with me?

Apem: We are going to live in the present, not the past. The only time that is important is now.

Laly: But I don’t think I can love the way I’m supposed to.

Apem: Stop holding on to what hurt you, and start making room for what feels good. Plus, my love is enough for the both of us. Just tell me you would give us a try.

Laly: I would give us a try.

Apem: Trust me, from now onwards only the best of everything is good enough for you.

Laly: You say the sweetest things (going emotional)

Apem: Get some sleep my eye candy, for tomorrow is the beginning of the rest of our lives.

Laly: (Whispers) Goodnight

another love

Without saying the number, how old am I?

I chanced upon this interesting question on Quora and decided to give it a try. You could try it too, seem like fun.

Without saying the number, the story below will give a hint of how old I am.

To put things in perspective, these are all things Ghanaian. 🇬🇭

  1. I have lived under five presidents since I was born.

2. I lived in an era when 2 Stupid Dogs and Music 4 You were aired on GTV.

3. We had to own a floppy disc or you could kiss the computer lab goodbye in J.S.S 1.😂

4. I joined Facebook in 2009.

5. I rarely missed these t.v programs growing up: By the fireside, Cantata, and Things we do for love.

6. My literature books for Secondary School were The gods are not to blame and The Ancestral Sacrifice. 

7. I loved Kwasasa Yo! mainly because of their catchy clap. Didn’t understand the concept then, don’t understand it now.

8. I got into university in 2010.

9. I have voted twice since I got my voter’s i.d in 2012.

10. The digits of my age are even numbers.

urmmmm, I gave you 10 hints, ain’t I sweet?

Have you figured how old I am?




I don’t even know how to begin this! All I know is I wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything else.Thank you to all my followers for helping inspire me to keep writing whatever, every day and even being patient during my lazy days. I wasn’t expecting to get many readers( Many is relative, but this is pretty huge for me).


My blog got started in 2015 and I must say, it has been totally worth it. It is followers like you that keep me going. The thought that every word I type is interesting enough for you to take time off your life to read is just fulfilling.

I hope my blog would still continue to be a place for deliberation, creativity, fun and friendly support for anyone who needs it. Please stick with me to the very end.

Much love