“I wasn’t planning on this. Falling in love with you was the last thing I wanted. Because I know our time would have to come to end. Yet, here I am, begging you not to turn the page, Shakira pleaded to Malik.


“My heart tells me this is the greatest feeling I have ever experienced. Truth is, my mind knows the difference between wanting what you can’t have and wanting what you shouldn’t want. Am not supposed to want you”, she said.

Shakira entered her room, sat on her bed and exhaled, she was trying her best to accommodate all the pent-up emotion which was bound to ruin her if she didn’t think with her mind. Here she was negotiating with her stepson on which action to take, to bolt or to face the music.

It is said that “sika y3 mogya”, is that not the reason why she had agreed to be the third wife of Alhaji until his second son swept her off her feet.
But now there was a bigger picture to consider, a baby born of love, produced by the love they shared.

” I shall live! Whichever way life slices this, it shall happen and I shall live! she murmured to herself as the realization of what she had to do finally dawned on her.


Copyright ©light_bulb

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