Heel  Story 

heelsAm not here to talk about the one inch, two inch and three-inch heels you wear and feel you are the queen of heels. We passed that era during the time of  President Kufour. Well, I only say that because it was around that time that I started wearing heels so allow me to be bias.

So at a tender age of 13, well if 13 is a tender age then we are on the same page, I always took my mum’s heels to wear to church. Then I didn’t consider their inches, all knew was that they were high and my mom couldn’t wear them anymore, talk about old women..hehehehe.

I remember people being impressed by the fact that I could wear them comfortably and gallivant around the church. So fast forward I don’t understand why my heart beats so fast or why I panic these days when am wearing extremely high ones. It could be because am well aware of people noticing me, or checking me out, not to brag..lol and my earnest prayer during such times is to quickly get to my destination without causing a scene. People in this part are mean and wouldn’t mince words or laughter should you stagger or perform the “heel shake” dance- for those who don’t know what the dance is, get in touch and let me school you.

So in my wearing of heels, I have come across categories of heel wearers. Holla me when you can associate yourself with any of the ones below. Be honest!


 The catwalk lady;

The confidence!!, Sometimes I feel it is the heel that is exuding such confidence. Hmm, you would definitely have a second look at her when she passes by you. And she isn’t kidding, she could race you on the Afajato mountain should you dare her. Ever heard the saying,” Born with a silver spoon”, in this instance it is definitely,” born with heels”. They are really nice to watch. I know most people will pretend to be in this group. No need to rush, yours is coming right up.

The Grounders;

Don’t be mistaken they aren’t looking for their possession that has fallen or gold dust. They hold the song, “on Christ the solid rock I stand” very close to heart. See, they don’t take chances, they have to look for the safest spot to “land” gets back their legs.From time to time they rock their heels for say 30 seconds and gets back to looking at the ground.

Quivering Queen; 

I’m turned off by those who are uncomfortable in their own shoes, you could actually look at them and feel uncomfortable in your skin. You pray for every step they take, and for every step they take your heart leaps out for them. When they finally make it to their destination you sigh in relief.  Then the phrase”Is it by force to wear these?”, the everyday Ghanaian English comes to play. They usually stay put, they don’t have the luxury to be moving around unnecessarily.


Insurance Ladies: 

The first kind; They come with their hands intertwined with their bae, sister, dad, mum, friends anyone they can get hold of to make their journey in their heels more effortless. Don’t be deceived, they are smart enough to have such insurance policies and not because their love for each other runs beyond the coast.

Second kind; They wear their lovely shoes walk around like the catwalk ladies, give them three hours tops four hours and you would see them in a different version of flip-flops. They can make the switch so easily you wouldn’t notice unless you are observant.

For some reason we have coined up the word guarantee for heels, Ghanaians are hilarious. Well, I think guarantee fits this group perfectly.


So tell me, which one of these ladies are you?

For the men, which of this categories is your lady?

You could be both because I am definitely a Grounder and an Insurance lady. Well, I have an excuse for that, let me blame it on uneven grounds of the Ghanaian land, I mean tarred versus untarred street plus potholes.

A tip for the ladies who want  to lose weight;

Nothing burns more calories than a five inch heels…..try it!.

Ariana Grande


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