…..for the love of food.

IMG-20170322-WA0005We live to eat, we eat to live, we can go back and forth about why we have to eat, but my love for food goes beyond these sayings. Yes, I really love to enjoy a good meal, I am not like these up and coming ladies that claim they aren’t that much into food. Not that I blame them,  some have great bodies and would love to maintain that, and others, they are still on the road to achieving that dream body, good luck ladies.

It isn’t as if I don’t care how my body turns out, I have noticed a little bulge in my stomach, nothing a tight high seat jeans can’t hide, for the guys who don’t know high seat jeans, don’t go asking your mum, they probably wouldn’t know. Or I should probably check beneath my bed, dust off my secondary school sneakers and hit the road.

The likes of waakye and fish, with the fishtail telling you it had had better days, Kenkey and fish, I always go for the eyes first, don’t ask me why, ooooooh!, talk about yam and kontomire stew. Talking about yam that reminds me, once I was at a lecture and my mental head couldn’t catch up with the accounting lesson, now that I think of it, I am sure it was because I was hungry. I just couldn’t wait to get to the hostel to set my yam boiling. You know the kind of thoughts you have about food and your mouth starts watering because you have served yourself that food in your head. Is even more painful if you are on your “broke” days and you know you can’t get it. Back to my yam story, I don’t know when the lecture ended but I remember rushing to the groceries shop to get my beloved yam. I got to my room, quickly looked for my knife and started my peeling career, I was torn between cutting them in circles or rectangular shapes, I finally decided, sliced my yam, washed them and then I added my little salt, set it on the stove and went out to get some eggs so I beat it into my stew and then voila! Egg stew!! I went to get my eggs and just when I open then the door the lights went OUT!!!!!  I was using an electric stove so you can share in my frustration. Miserable wasn’t a good enough word to describe me that day.IMG_20170315_133021

I think this phrase is completely out of line, “A way to a man’s heart is through the stomach”, and for the guys, I think you should find that very offensive, there is more to life than just food.  I think the majority of men who cherish this particular phrase are those that could turn a common fried egg into a recipe for disaster. But if you tried learning how to cook, you would find that there is more to cooking than just eating, an empty belly is the best cook. To those who strongly believe that keep your heart and I would do just fine with my food. {If I get to thirty and I’m not married I might change my mind about that phrase}

My family wanted a fancy place to dine and I suggested a Chinese restaurant would be a change for us, my dad looked at me and said, “You seem to developed a taste for foreign food”, and the way he looked at me meant he wanted his usual chain of food, the TZ , banku, and her adjoining sisters.” What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child” were his words? You can’t blame the man he is growing old if you can’t afford to travel the world and you have bits and pieces of the world in the form of food why not. I could be in Nigeria, China, America and the likes just by eating their food.


You know, I would love a guy, who calls me at work and tells me he miss me so bad I should make it at home in time for a surprise, I get home and he isn’t around, I get a little pissed and call him, I’m like “ is this supposed to be a joke”, he tells me to calm down and in a few minutes he comes home with foodstuff, kisses me and tells me he is going to rock my world this night with food. I follow him to the kitchen and he serves me a glass of asana, I know if I say wine you would think I’m “too known”, and he gets busy preparing what I love, wouldn’t that be a lovely change for once.

To all those who love food as I do but can’t cook, well, we could do something little about that and to all those who love food more than I do, I would be catching up with you soon, and to all those whose stomach is just getting bigger because we love to eat, lets hit the road with our sneaks on. besides, we can’t have it all. I am particularly envious of those who eat like elephants and don’t have an ounce of flesh to prove they are more of food lovers than I am.IMG_20170111_131746

In a nutshell,

There is no sincerer love than the love for food.

George Bernard Shaw

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