Lady Desaha

I decided to make this post about me this time around. Tired of writing characters that exist in my head. Today, I get to serve you all the weird habits that make me.

These have been listed in no particular order;

  1. When I’m walking down the street, I mentally point out people I think I can beat in words with friends.

2. I believe I look nicer in braids.

3. I unconsciously count my steps when I am walking. Sometimes I miss count because I have counted up to 500 plus. I start all over again.

4. I get very excited when I am home alone and I have to fix something for just me. The joy!!!!!

5.My first Horror movie – Demons Knight, the beginning of my love for horror movies.

6. I usually have a very great come back in my head after I have left an infuriating argument or situation.

7. Courage the cowardly dog is still my favorite cartoon. 

8. I have stayed awake all night before, no phones, no movies, no radio, just me, and my imagination.

9. I always perform a dance before the water from the shower hits me.

10. I love watching ants at work and sometimes when I am in my wicked zone, I kill one of them and watch them spread the news. I know, I’m growing out of it. 

11. Sometimes I fix people into the Big Bang Theory characters just for the fun of it.

12. I talk to myself when facing the mirror and pretend the image isn’t me. We have acted movies and soap opera with my mirrior.

I hope you enjoyed it.😊 😊


7 responses to “Lady Desaha”

  1. You listen and know every bit of yourself , powerful description who you are , I wouldn’t believe if you missed out on counting your steps

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