letter to dau

The one who kept me awake would soon sleep

But for how long

I do not know

The one who kept me awake

Never bothered to check if day and night

Had any relationship

It never mattered

Even if they did

It was the least of her concern

Toothless mouth

Did she even know who she was?

But one thing I knew for sure

She wanted all of me

At the very first time

Her crying was musical

It had to be

After all those hours of pushing and panting

Who wouldn’t smile?

I cuddle you now

And wonder why you do it so often

My backaches

My eyes plead

I’m praying and wishing

You wouldn’t wake up soon

For tomorrow is a Monday

But like I said

You have no idea about the

Relationship between day and night

Not to talk about Monday

And his other siblingsLetter to my dau


And now, u know Monday

But now it matters to you

You also know what time is

But that is what I don’t understand

Why do you still keep me awake?

Now it is not your cries

That stops me from dreaming a bit

But your absence

I know you would soon come back

But as always

Your thoughts keep me awake

It might not be so long

But I just want you to understand

That out of sight out of mind

Never applies to me

When it comes to you

I’m your mom

And will always be

You will soon be spending your time with your child

My grandchild

But always remember

Love never falls short

Go all out for your child

Stay awake and never get tired

I will see u soon.

Lots of love

Your mother.


Copyright ©light_bulb

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