Hold it!! Hold it!, I voiced out as I raced to the elevator. In this very moment, everything was critical. How could it be that my alarm could desert me in the earliest of Monday morning? The very first day of the rest of my life.
I sprang up from my bed and immediately I knew something was amiss. I didn’t even spare a second to pray. I jumped out of bed saying a silent thank you to God. I was really furious with myself. How could I not have known this was bound to happen? I knew it!! There is always a price to pay when one decides to go against their instincts.

I recalled last night and smiled at the memories that flashed in my mind.
The hot guys, especially my crush looking all handsome and innocent, looking like I could teach him a thing or two, the loud music, the sweaty dancing bodies and all that alcohol. Aaah!, the joy!


Well, well, well, this isn’t the time for a flashback, not the time to remember stolen kisses, missing makeup bag, the messy makeup to make me look “hotter” or the few fallen moments I had as I tried to dance. I totally believe that alcohol has a way of messing with the head.
No time for warm water, I quickly picked my sponge and turn on the water. Eww!!, ouch ouch, ouch!! The water was crazy cold but I had no time to pamper my body with the love of warm water, besides this wasn’t the proper time to think about having a proper bath. First things first, make an appearance and try to look as sane as possible.

Out of the bathroom, I rushed to the room and dried myself in the process, I got to the room, abandoned my towel like an insane person, grabbed my clothing and quickly put them on. To hell with pomade, the most important thing was the makeup. A magnificent gift to woman. I got hold on my bag and nothing!!, No foundation, no lipstick, no eyeliner, no press power and worst of them all, no mascara!!. Then I remember last night, I might have left it in the washroom when I was freshening up. I cursed!!
Luckily, I had my emergency makeup bag in my drawer, it didn’t contain much, just the press power and a lipstick. I looked at my time, it was five minutes to seven. The place I  was to be was very dear to me. I have been waiting close to eleven months for this to happen.
Time check; it was 7:05 am,  I remembered the usual  Monday morning traffic jam. I quickly stopped a taxi because public transport was not going to help at all.
I sighed, sat in the taxi and gave him the direction to where I was going. I realized I could have done my make up in the vehicle instead of wasting my running time on makeup. As if that wasn’t even enough, I didn’t get the perfect outcome I had desired.
I sat in and mentally psyched myself for the amazing day I was to have. I would have had an amazing day had it not been for my late night drama the night before and my body been too tired to have resurrected from my slumber. I didn’t have much of a choice I applied a lush amount of gloss on my lips and watched out the traffic.
I was getting nervous because the traffic was building up and I was not half way through my journey.
” Driver, please don’t you know a shorter route we could use to get me there faster?”, I asked.
“No”, he replied.
I had a second look at my watch and it was 7:24, time sure does fly.
I couldn’t even enjoy the ride let alone calm myself for what was to come my way.
I sadly sat still and wondered why I lived in this part of the city.


“Clara!, come up here, we know you love this music”, Betsy said.
“I knew coming out with you was a bad idea”, I said to myself.
It was Besty birthday so it was hard to say no.
“Would you relax and let’s have some mad fun. Tomorrow is the beginning of the rest of your life. Afterward, you would give us a thousand and one excuses as to why we can’t hang out on a weekday. Get up and let’s make today count.”
“Come on, you know I wouldn’t roll like that, you should know that”. I said
“Come on one dance”.
“Ok, one dance”, I reluctantly agreed.
And so that is how it started, one dance became two and two became three until I was soaked in the ambiance of sweet dancing moves.
“Clara, I have got a drink for you.”, I turned and it was Chris.
I have had an unending crush on him for months now. Crush that wouldn’t go away and let me be. I had an awkward conversation with him two days before and as always I didn’t have anything intelligent to say. He makes me so nervous, I never get anything interesting to say.
I took the drink and said this was the only drink I have got to take today. He asked why and I told him about my big day tomorrow. He congratulated me, this was no place to chat so we went in for more dancing.
What I didn’t know was, first you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you. When the drink took a hold of me, I went to the washroom in my quest to freshen up so I look more charming to Chris.
I wasn’t in charge of my mental faculties, I believe I might have done a very sloppy makeup. I stepped out in my delusional self and told myself today was my day.
I got back only to see Chris dancing with another equally beautiful girl. I thought our dance was exclusive.
With my moody self, I found Besty and told her I was going home. It was past eleven and she was as tipsy. She responded ok and I staggered myself out of the club.
“Clare! Clare!”, I turned and that was Chris coming after me,
“Are you leaving?”
“Without saying goodbye”.
“You seem to be having lots of fun without me”
“Come on, you can’t be mad about that”
“Am not, I just need to rest for tomorrow”
And for some reason, I stood tiptoe and gave him a kiss. Immediately it was done I knew I had made a big mistake. Let’s blame it on the alcohol
“Sorry, I don’t know why I did that, ” I said.
“What are you sorry for?”
He leaned in and returned my kiss.
I remember closing my eyes and asking myself if this was really happening.
“Come on, one last dance and I would see you off”.
“Is almost 11:30 I have got to go.”
“Hey, is just a dance”, He said
For my next action, I can’t find ways or words to explain it. I probably was kiss drunk, love drunk or worst off drunk drunk.
We got in, helped ourselves to the punch, did our crazy dance and took lots of pictures.
“My feet are killing me”, I told Chris.
“Let’s get a place to sit”
“Hey Clare you still here? Looks like someone got you to change your mind” Besty winked at Chris and sat next to us.
“Let me have a look at the pictures we took”. Chris said
I took out my phone and we started to look at the pictures, most of them looked like we tipsy.
These are my favorites upload them and tag me.
I did, checked my time and realized it as past 2:00 am
“Chris I have to go”, I told him.
He agreed and we set off. Luckily for me, he had a vehicle.
As to the time I got home, I can’t tell, all I know is Chris asking for my keys and helping to get to the house.
And my bed had never looked so inviting.

I hopped in and was fast asleep.

…… be continued

Copyright ©light_bulb


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