You & Me ❤️

Apem- Guy👨

Laly- Lady👧

Phone beeps and Laly hesitates to pick it up. The night took an unexpected turn, but she does.

Apem: Hey, I hope you got home in one piece.

Laly: (Laughs) Yes I did

Apem: I enjoyed every bit of time I spent with you.

Laly: Really, after everything I told you?

Apem: Yes, especially after everything you told me. I don’t love you any less.

Laly: I told you everything about my past.

Apem: Ermm so?

Laly: And you are sure you still want to be with me?

Apem: We are going to live in the present, not the past. The only time that is important is now.

Laly: But I don’t think I can love the way I’m supposed to.

Apem: Stop holding on to what hurt you, and start making room for what feels good. Plus, my love is enough for the both of us. Just tell me you would give us a try.

Laly: I would give us a try.

Apem: Trust me, from now onwards only the best of everything is good enough for you.

Laly: You say the sweetest things (going emotional)

Apem: Get some sleep my eye candy, for tomorrow is the beginning of the rest of our lives.

Laly: (Whispers) Goodnight

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