It’s always personal.

You shouldn’t be reading this.

It is called a diary for a reason, so please don’t give in to the temptation.

Just walk away.


09/05/ 2017


Dear Diary,

I finally convinced my family to move from our old rented place. Even though this would be the third time we are moving, my family understands me. I have a gift. We couldn’t have survived another day there. The place was oozing with pure evil. They have tried several times to kill me but they failed. Now, they want to amputate my daughter’s leg. She just got simple Malaria, she got injected and they want to use the injection as a means to amputate the leg. Never!

I am very glad we got away.



I like my new neighbors. They invited us to their housewarming.

I like how I feel in this house. It feels holy and safe.




There is something creepy going on next door. I should have known, these people are not any different from our old neighborhood. They are very jealous of me.

They have started using charms on me so they can kill me and come and take all my belongings.

It shan’t work!



I have been watching the Addisons really closely. They live in the house next to ours. I can’t believe it. Are there any good people in this world? 

They have turned all the wall in the house into mirrors so they can be watching every step I take. They did it spiritually. What crime did I commit against the underworld? They seem to be working together to have me killed.

So today I thought enough was enough, I stood at my house and complained about how I see their evil work.  My daughter asked why I was talking to myself and shouting. She told me to keep quiet but how can I? I have to fight this evil that wants to conquer me.

I wish for once God will open my family members eyes so they can see what I have to deal with every day.


My sleepless night has started. At night when everyone is asleep my eyes are wide opened. The best I get to sleep is three hours. I have got to go back to my sleeping pills. 


It’s been a while.

About the Addisons, now that their secret is out they have devised a new way to torment my soul. These days when I eat the food just vanish from my stomach. But I have managed to beat them to their game. When I have to eat I have to get a cloth and tie my stomach. Problem solved, there is no way they are going to make me starve to death.

Another thing, I don’t understand my husband, he claims it is weird that someone would want the food I have eaten already.  That it doesn’t make sense that I have to tie my stomach before eating. I envy how naive he is. To be naive is good.



Can you believe it? I need to work fast before these people finally succeed. I haven’t been able to go to the loo for the past three days. Anytime I am there, some spirits poke their hands in my you know, the little girl behind me. In fact, they want me to be frustrated, I must admit that is a bit childish to use my poop to make my life miserable.

I have to identify which spirits these are. I have to act fast.


My prayers worked. I went to the loo and you can imagine my joy.



My husband is such a snoop. He looked at my dairy and didn’t even have the decency to keep the secret to himself. He showed me he had balls by confronting me about the content of my diary. Saying they aren’t true. Just because he doesn’t experience them doesn’t mean they aren’t real.

Ken, I hope you read this and see how myopic you are.


I have a confession to make: I don’t always shower every day. Sometimes, I don’t even shower for four or five days. These days I have decided to shower only when I am going to church.

The evil spirits like clean people. I am not going to be their meat!


Today was a very happy day even though my kids acted like it wasn’t. I mean it was raining cats and dogs and I decided to relive my childhood days. I clapped and danced in the rain and my husband and kids looked at me like I was crazy. It is their loss, they have no idea how much fun I had. wp-1524735415816..jpg

Ken tried to drag me back to the house but I wasn’t having any of it. He chased me, slipped and fell. I laughed so hard but he just got angry. How can he not see the humor in that?

I had to make a deal with him. I told him to kiss me in the rain and we would go back in. 

He did, his lips tasted great. Isn’t love sweet?


My mum visited today. She kept on asking me if I was ok. I remember telling her yes countless times but she wouldn’t have it. She kept disturbing me with the same questions. wp-1524736010825..jpgThen it came back to mind, it must be Adina, Addison’s wife, she is one relentless woman. She must be playing mind games with my mum so I get distracted by what she really wants to do. So I did what I was supposed to do. I care for my mum but I wasn’t going to allow them to use her I like that.

I had to send her packing.


New neighbors moved to the house on our right.

I hope they are like us. By us, I mean good and not greedy or evil hearted.


Now, I believe the words of my pastor, the devil is a liar. I just know things. I have realized that the Mensah’s, the new neighbors are part of an occult group.

Are there no good people in this world?

I must warn my children not to play with their kids.


It is 10;30pm and Ken isn’t back. His phone is switched off.  These Mensah people want to use him for blood money. I must let them know that I know what they are up to.

I am back, that was a lot of work. But I did it. I have stopped them. We must reconsider moving from this place again. Too much evil!

I went banging on their gate and when they opened I bagged in. There was no time to waste. I picked the nearest stone I could find and started smashing their windscreens.

I told them if they wanted my husband they had to kill me first. All three cars yes! I “massacred” them. hehehehehehheeh, Isn’t revenge sweet?

No evil, I repeat no evil, shall prevail over my family. Mr. Mensah’s wife came out and was crying, She ain’t seen nothing yet, I would deal with them one by one if they touch my family.

I just heard my husband come in. See? It worked like magic.



Ken was really upset about what I did to the Mensah’s car. I don’t blame him. If he really could see he would have known that I saved his life.

When I explained how they wanted to use him for blood money he called me crazy. My Ken called me crazy. People don’t appreciate it when you do good for them. But I am going to do it “by thunder by fire.” I have got to protect my own.


I seem to be coming here a lot lately.

Dairy, you are the only one that truly listens to me. 

I am going to stop the church. 

For my sake and for my family sake. I shall not die, I thought the church was a safe place but the evil one keeps spreading his tentacles. Once they get me, they would get my family. My family doesn’t understand my actions. I really wish there was someone who could really understand me.


Ken sat me down together with mum and told me I am sick. That all I have been seeing and experiencing are all in my head.

I have never been so disrespected in my life. What did he mean by it is in my head? 

If he wants to play with an insane person he should find one.

But for me, I am very sane.


Mama visits again asking me why I have decided to bath once a week. I am not going to waste my time explaining things to her. She wouldn’t even understand me if I did. I am in the world filled with people but I am the most lonely person I know.


Can you imagine how much I have missed you? 

I had to convince Clara to sneak you in.

Ken and mama lied to me. The two people I trust the most in this world. They just looked at me and lied to me.

Three days ago Ken told me that he wanted to give mum and I a treat.wp-1524734645747..jpg

 I asked where he was taking us to and he said it was a surprise. I sat there very content for having such a loving husband. We got there and the sign I could see was The Brain Hospital, it was quite strange but since he said it was a surprise I let myself go.

We got there and I realize it was a hospital. A psychiatric hospital!

What is the meaning of this Ken?

What are we doing here? I panicked and tried running away but some men in white caught me and took me away. 

All that while Ken just kept shouting he loves me. Why did you marry me if you knew I was mad? I wish he could give me an answer. 

 Is that how love works?

Dr. Zabana, I giggled the first time I heard his name, told me I was going to be fine. He is a nice man. We had dinner together. I miss home but he made me comfortable enough not be worried about it.


BipolarDr. Zabana told me in one of our conversation that I have Schizophrenia.

You should have seen the look on my face.  I think I am pretty normal. I am just gifted just like our SU president told me back in school.

Just gifted not sick. 


I have made some new friends. The stories they tell me are painful to listen to. Anyways am learning a lot for DZ, that is the short name for Dr. Zabana. 

I have been given drugs that make me weak and dull most of the time, I have complained to him but he says it would make me get better and go home soon enough to be reunited with my family.

I mean they visit, but it is just not the same.


Yaaay!! We are going home today but sadly I have got some friends to come with me. 

My drugs!

I wore my favorite dress. I hope Ken likes it. I have missed him a lot. I can think of a thing or two  I would do with him once I get home.

But most importantly, Schizophrenia is an everyday affair and I promise to make myself better. I don’t want to be torn off my family again.



I have got the love and support of my family and I will survive.





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