Why I wake up at 2am Everyday

Rule No.3 How to avoid being on my bad side: Do not disturb me when I am sleeping. I mean, it is that simple.

So my 2am waking up was never my call, but my neighbors thought it would be a great time to seek the Almighty God in the earliest of dawn. This started early this year and they seem pressed to take it to the end of the year.,

First day: I got up panting because the noise was all of a sudden and usually when I wake up like that it is followed by a headache. I actually thought they were gunshots, silly me but listening now with a clearer mind I realized it was just people clapping their hand. Ah, who were they calling, their ancestors?


It was soon followed by singing, typical Ghanaian worship songs at 2am, for crying out loud! This went on for close to 30 minutes. Then the prayers started. I guess whispering wasn’t going to cut it so they started praying at the top of their voice. Oh did I forget to tell you it was just on next door neighbor so I wasn’t spared a volume of their charade?

They left me with no choice but to stay awake for the entire 45 minutes section, listening to my new found radio. To say I was infuriated, would be an understatement.

But like everything, it finally ended and I got back to sleep.

Second day: I went to bed the following day forgetting all that had transpired last night.
I was sadly awakened the following day by the same neighbors. I had no choice than to plug in my earphones and watch a movie. I mean in this day and age who watches a movie because they have been forced to or because they don’t have a choice.

The next day, my dad who had had enough of their ceremony went to speak to them. They apologized for the inconvenience they had caused us. They explained that they were going through some trying times in their life and such a battle could only be fought with a midnight prayer. I remember my dad saying they didn’t have to wake up the whole world because they were praying. They shared a hearty laughter and told us it wouldn’t happen again.

Third day: I changed my sheets, I mean I had dreamed of my bed the whole day. I was to reunite with my bed with no interruption. Who wouldn’t cherish such a thought?

These people must be joking with us. They were at it again. I was amazed for a second, did my dad not speak to them or not. Why the sudden change of mind? So my family also thought enough is enough. We all got up in our nightwear and went knocking at their door.

Efiawura* came close to the gate and asked who it was. My mum responded and that was it. He just said ok and left.  He told us it was too late to have a conversation. wp-1524221562233..jpg

We banged again and nothing. Did he just ignore us?

You would be surprised by their next prayer topic. ” Everyone hindering their prayers should be made mute by God.” I was shocked. Maybe it was about us maybe it wasn’t. Talk about coincidence and suspicion.

I know we have spoken to them more times than we can count.

This isn’t fair, doesn’t the good book say we should do unto others what we want others to do unto us.

My sisters and I are waiting for next year. Maybe by then, they would have gotten an answer to their prayers.

We would also wake up and make all sorts of noise at 2am just because revenge is sweet. I know two wrongs don’t make a right, but man! I have got to pay them in their own coin even if it means banging my utensil to get back to them I will.

I hope our noise is as annoying as this:


Everyone deserves some peace and quiet!

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20 responses to “Why I wake up at 2am Everyday”

  1. You should start banging music the moment they begin – they will be so frustrated they’ll come to your door. It’s a wonder how they expect God to answer their prayers when they are being adamant to yours. I’ve been saying this since, everyday it is more and more obvious that all the White Man helped us do was to change the names of our deities and traditional worship into God and Christianity. Christianity is practiced by many as traditional worship was (still is) in times past. Pray against your enemies, scream at the top of your voices, roll on the floor, the devil is the only reason for suffering – only God is important – our relationships towards each other, the effort we put in to our work dier, dogo. Sis… BANG THE SHATTA WALE.

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  2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oh my goodness 2am. In the UK they will be warned by the police and get arrested if they try again. They sound like inconsiderate neighbours and I would be soo annoyed. You are right they will probably start thinking you are the source of their issues they will soon realised that their prayers didn’t make it to heaven not even out of their roof to the sky. What a waste of shouting 🤔 don’t worry God will shut them up soon.

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  3. I grew up in a home where my dad prays every midnight and my mum too. Until recently I lived with my big brother who woke up every dawn to pray. I’ve also developed a habit of praying everyday from 3am to 4am. Our backgrounds play an important role in shaping us to appreciate certain cultures and lifestyles. Notwithstanding, some people just make noise out of meaningless zeal and sheer ignorance.

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  4. I can so relate. I have experienced this in 3 of the neighborhoodsi lived in. Let me not get started on the crusades that start at 6pm and run till late in the night. Not everyone is pentecostal and shouldn’t be subjected to such loud praise and worship. Noise pollution is all it is.

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    • hehehehehe, is funny how they turn around and call u the devil when you start complaining… someday sis…someday we shall be free from all these pollution


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