Self Care

Growing up has made me learn that life doesn’t get any more leisurely.

I laugh at my younger self, thinking school life was hard. As I grow older, I have become more resilient, more thick-skinned I mean, what other options were there. Otherwise, this life will break you.

I tend to talk to myself a lot when I am alone. It is imaginative and great, other times it takes a nosedive, and I am dwelling in all the negative scenarios possible.

So, what do I do to take care of myself? And in these terms, I am referring to self-care habits.

I  feel that the best thing to do for my self-care, and mental health is usually just to identify the things that bring me peace. So, on some days, I will find myself crying it out and returning to the world like nothing happened, on another day, I just want to cook a great meal so my family and I can dine together.

 I also believe in recognizing that I matter and that I am not just passing time on this earth. I try to set my mind on the positive things of all the things not going according to plan and pray about them. It calms me a lot and takes me back to the happy me.

So, if you are at any point in your life where you feel tired, overwhelmed, and beaten down, I pray you have the strength to overcome it.

Do not get tired yet! Find a new hobby, play your comfort songs, have yourself a nice treat, work out, and do what it takes to take you out of it.

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