A is for Anxiety

My biggest question right now: How did I manage to get through school with all the exam stress only to get a job and sending emails is where I crack? I want a refund!

There is something about clicking the send button that makes me want to read the email 85783 times. It doesn’t just end there, waiting for a response to my sent email gives me anxiety, formulating another response to the said email gives me anxiety. Sometimes after sending such emails, I have to close the entire mailbox just to feel better.

But the thing is, this only happens when I am sending such emails to my superior. It gets worse when I have to send a follow-up email because they haven’t responded and I need to tick a box!

Anyways, I have found a means to help me manage this better. Scheduled emails, what a blessing! I just schedule the email to send in either 5 minutes to a day depending on how urgent it is and voila, it gets sent without me having to brood over it.

Me: 1


Let me know if you ever experience this and how you deal with it!

Cheers 🥂


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