C is for Choices

Sometimes we choose things, and sometimes things choose us!

The colour of my skin

The country of my origin

My name and my heritage

Of these, I did not get to choose any.

But then there is life, and it throws at us so many choices every day. I can say that we are constantly deciding on new ones or justifying the ones that we have already made.

When I look back on my life, I remember those hard times when life threw some choices at me.

But every choice I made back then has helped me grow as a person. At that time, it might have felt like I wanted something else, but now I realized that that was exactly what I needed.

As the saying goes, sometimes the right choice doesn’t make you happy right away, but it turns out to be the best choice for you in the long run and gives you peace.

Remember the time when you lost an opportunity that you wanted the most?

Remember that friendship where you didn’t give up even when things got difficult and still fizzled out?

Remember the time when you were at the prime of your career choice and things didn’t work according to plan?

Remember that breakup where you were holding onto things tightly because you didn’t want them to go, but ultimately, they slipped away even though you did your best?

Do you regret them now?

No! and if the answer is yes you don’t have to.

You are here because of those choices; your growth is because of those choices. Even if you do regret them, it’s OK to regret such. Learn from it and strive not to make those mistakes again. Use the opportunity to guide others away from it.

That break-up teaches us to love ourselves and not to depend on or force others for love. It opens the door for the one who is made for us. Those short-term difficulties lead you to ultimate happiness and growth today.

Life is a bundle of choices, we make choices every day, some go according to what we envisioned and some opposite, but every choice justifies itself in the end.

So, if you are sad right now because of a choice that you made earlier or you are regretting it, just don’t. Take a deep breath and trust the process, it will surely lead you to the bright side.

I hope the choice of reading this blog proves beneficial to you!!

Cheers 🥂


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