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  • About Last Saturday!

    About Last Saturday!

    So Saturday the 21st was a lot of fun for me.  I didn’t know I could face my fear of heights and still have a lot of fun. Legon Botanical gardens was my muse this weekend. I needed some thrill and excitement in my life but I really didn’t know what I was up for.For […]


    So I got this letter from my Future Husband. Enjoy! I’m alone in my thoughts I have these strange and strong feelings I don’t understand but I know it’s pure It comes with memories of joy and comfort It drives my imagination wild It keeps beeping How hard I try stopping it It occupies my […]

  • Intuition II

    For those that missed out on the first post, kindly click the link below Intuition. —————————————————————————————————————————- I looked at my time again and it was 7:45 and the traffic was moving slowly. At least I was halfway through the journey. Chris-Hi I got a message from Chris Me- Hi. Can you imagine I got up […]

  • Intuition


    Hold it!! Hold it!, I voiced out as I raced to the elevator. In this very moment, everything was critical. How could it be that my alarm could desert me in the earliest of Monday morning? The very first day of the rest of my life. —————————————————————————————————————————- I sprang up from my bed and immediately […]


      The one who kept me awake would soon sleep But for how long I do not know The one who kept me awake Never bothered to check if day and night Had any relationship It never mattered Even if they did It was the least of her concern Toothless mouth Did she even know […]

  • Lady Desaha

    Lady Desaha

    I decided to make this post about me this time around. Tired of writing characters that exist in my head. Today, I get to serve you all the weird habits that make me. These have been listed in no particular order; When I’m walking down the street, I mentally point out people I think I can […]

  • …..for the love of food.

    We live to eat, we eat to live, we can go back and forth about why we have to eat, but my love for food goes beyond these sayings. Yes, I really love to enjoy a good meal, I am not like these up and coming ladies that claim they aren’t that much into food. […]

  • RIP

    Today marks one week since our beloved brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and friends got called to eternal glory through a brutal twin disaster( fire& flood). I watched the memorial service and couldn’t  help but feel extremely sad about this whole misfortune. They faced death in the face and couldn’t do a thing to help themselves […]