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  • I DO?

    I DO?

    I swung my arm to the left and involuntarily my right arm also swayed, I looked like I was performing a graceful dance, mostly interrupted by the trickling of water on my face. I gently wiped off the water and continued with my pot-on-the-head-dance, this was the last lap so the luxury to be a […]

  • It’s always personal.

    It’s always personal.

    You shouldn’t be reading this. It is called a diary for a reason, so please don’t give in to the temptation. Just walk away. Thanks. 09/05/ 2017 Dear Diary, I finally convinced my family to move from our old rented place. Even though this would be the third time we are moving, my family understands […]


      The one who kept me awake would soon sleep But for how long I do not know The one who kept me awake Never bothered to check if day and night Had any relationship It never mattered Even if they did It was the least of her concern Toothless mouth Did she even know […]