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  • D is for Die

    D is for Die

    This is a bleak and confusing post but do know that this is entirely my thoughts about death. I probably think about death more often than others. The number of times I have fallen into the YouTube rabbit hole of death, suicide, cremation, burial, and whatnot is a shameful amount of time. Why do I […]

  • M is for Makeup 💄

    I was at a wedding recently, and there was this gentleman not sitting far from me, talking passionately about how these modern girls have lost touch with themselves. And why was he going on and on about his ranting? Because from the bride to the bridesmaid and even to the female guests present, let me […]

  • Self Care

    Growing up has made me learn that life doesn’t get any more leisurely. I laugh at my younger self, thinking school life was hard. As I grow older, I have become more resilient, more thick-skinned I mean, what other options were there. Otherwise, this life will break you. I tend to talk to myself a […]

  • Yes!!!… It’s my Birthday 🎂

    Yes!!!… It’s my Birthday 🎂

    Funny thing! I went to bed 28 and now I’m 29 Ha! 29 is almost 30! I want to believe that the body ages but the spirit remains the same.I mean, if you ask me, I feel 12 because the thought of being responsible and paying bills doesn’t still sit right with me. I just […]

  • I DO?

    I DO?

    I swung my arm to the left and involuntarily my right arm also swayed, I looked like I was performing a graceful dance, mostly interrupted by the trickling of water on my face. I gently wiped off the water and continued with my pot-on-the-head-dance, this was the last lap so the luxury to be a […]

  • Why I wake up at 2am Everyday

    Why I wake up at 2am Everyday

    Rule No.3 How to avoid being on my bad side: Do not disturb me when I am sleeping. I mean, it is that simple. So my 2am waking up was never my call, but my neighbors thought it would be a great time to seek the Almighty God in the earliest of dawn. This started […]

  • It’s always personal.

    It’s always personal.

    You shouldn’t be reading this. It is called a diary for a reason, so please don’t give in to the temptation. Just walk away. Thanks. 09/05/ 2017 Dear Diary, I finally convinced my family to move from our old rented place. Even though this would be the third time we are moving, my family understands […]

  • You & Me ❤️

    You & Me ❤️

    Apem- Guy👨 Laly- Lady👧 Phone beeps and Laly hesitates to pick it up. The night took an unexpected turn, but she does. Apem: Hey, I hope you got home in one piece. Laly: (Laughs) Yes I did Apem: I enjoyed every bit of time I spent with you. Laly: Really, after everything I told you? […]

  • Without saying the number, how old am I?

    Without saying the number, how old am I?

    I chanced upon this interesting question on Quora and decided to give it a try. You could try it too, seem like fun. Without saying the number, the story below will give a hint of how old I am. To put things in perspective, these are all things Ghanaian. 🇬🇭 I have lived under five […]

  • Liebster Award

    Well, I got up today and finally decided to write about the Liebster award. Thanks to African and proud for nominating me for this awards. You should totally check out the blog here. It has got some interesting articles you wouldn’t want to miss. The award is a way to be discovered but also to connect […]