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  • Intuition II

    For those that missed out on the first post, kindly click the link below Intuition. —————————————————————————————————————————- I looked at my time again and it was 7:45 and the traffic was moving slowly. At least I was halfway through the journey. Chris-Hi I got a message from Chris Me- Hi. Can you imagine I got up […]

  • Lady Desaha

    Lady Desaha

    I decided to make this post about me this time around. Tired of writing characters that exist in my head. Today, I get to serve you all the weird habits that make me. These have been listed in no particular order; When I’m walking down the street, I mentally point out people I think I can […]

  • …..for the love of food.

    We live to eat, we eat to live, we can go back and forth about why we have to eat, but my love for food goes beyond these sayings. Yes, I really love to enjoy a good meal, I am not like these up and coming ladies that claim they aren’t that much into food. […]

  • Heel  Story 

    Am not here to talk about the one inch, two inch and three-inch heels you wear and feel you are the queen of heels. We passed that era during the time of  President Kufour. Well, I only say that because it was around that time that I started wearing heels so allow me to be […]


    I’m Desaha Tobil and I have a very shrill voice, sweet to those that love me, too piercing to those that are yet to like me and to those that might never like me, a very disturbing voice. This led to an episode in level 300 which will forever be my shadow, I think my […]