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  • D is for Die

    D is for Die

    This is a bleak and confusing post but do know that this is entirely my thoughts about death. I probably think about death more often than others. The number of times I have fallen into the YouTube rabbit hole of death, suicide, cremation, burial, and whatnot is a shameful amount of time. Why do I […]

  • B is for Breathe

    B is for Breathe

    Breathe in. Breathe out! Breathe in. Breathe out! Breathe in. Breathe out! Everything is going to work out well. I know most times our brains jump straight to negative thinking in difficult situations. Maybe as people, we are hard-wired to just go there. Mainly because it is easier to fall into such a loop, because […]

  • I DO?

    I DO?

    I swung my arm to the left and involuntarily my right arm also swayed, I looked like I was performing a graceful dance, mostly interrupted by the trickling of water on my face. I gently wiped off the water and continued with my pot-on-the-head-dance, this was the last lap so the luxury to be a […]

  • Why I wake up at 2am Everyday

    Why I wake up at 2am Everyday

    Rule No.3 How to avoid being on my bad side: Do not disturb me when I am sleeping. I mean, it is that simple. So my 2am waking up was never my call, but my neighbors thought it would be a great time to seek the Almighty God in the earliest of dawn. This started […]

  • It’s always personal.

    It’s always personal.

    You shouldn’t be reading this. It is called a diary for a reason, so please don’t give in to the temptation. Just walk away. Thanks. 09/05/ 2017 Dear Diary, I finally convinced my family to move from our old rented place. Even though this would be the third time we are moving, my family understands […]

  • …..for the love of food.

    We live to eat, we eat to live, we can go back and forth about why we have to eat, but my love for food goes beyond these sayings. Yes, I really love to enjoy a good meal, I am not like these up and coming ladies that claim they aren’t that much into food. […]