Natural Beauty Portrait

I lifted my eyes

Hoping you wouldn’t be standing there

And I would be far off

Away from this place

This one thing

I don’t want to be a part

You knew that

Yet, you kept pushing

Pushing me

Pulling me

Pushing became violence

Believing theories based on flimsy excuse

Before now, I never use to flinch

Not even once in your presence

But you hit me

So hard I remember how it felt

Before I hit the ground

I still couldn’t believe

I was the one going down

You did this to me

Now I lift my painful eyes and look at you

And still, wish you wouldn’t be standing there

The pain may go

The wound would eventually heal

But one thing is for sure

Memories would always flashback

And I would remember,

How painfully I looked at you

When I lifted my eyes.


Copyright ©light_bulb

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