Perfect place to sit, I sighed as I sat close to the window of the bus, preparing my body for the cool evening breeze that awaited me.
A hectic day, of course, couldn’t wait to get home and relax on my bed, but first had to enjoy my bus ride and continue from there. We set off and it was serene, peacefully sweet, what more can I say, I was totally enjoying my ride. Not too farfetched.
“Enough!Enough! I don’t want to have anything to do with this business of yours anymore. I told you exactly what I wanted earlier days, but no! You wouldn’t let me be. I demand to have my money by tomorrow. What nonsense! You think I’m that naive, stupid, idiot!!”
Goodness gracious, what’s going on. He need not yell like he did. That was the passenger sitting next to me. “Hello! Hello! He continued yelling, he turned and looked at me but I couldn’t help but smile, why scream when you can talk. Besides, it’s just a handset and not a microphone.
My joy was short-lived, can’t a woman find peace. His phone was ringing again, as for this ringtone I’ll rather not talk about it. Irritating should I used would be bored with me if it were human. Is no lie, his ringtone could make you want to drown yourself.
I can’t be mistaken, I think yelling is his hobby, he does it best,” you had the nerve to end the call! I bet u don’t know what cells are? If you knew you wouldn’t treat me like dirt.” By now, his veins at this neck were erect, saluting his royal majesty’s loud voice.” Do you know who I am?”
I must confess, Ghanaians use this line a lot. I don’t know if that is the magical word that makes situations better for each party. “You dare not!” he turned and looked at me, “he just didn’t do that”, in my head, I was wondering how come I’m now part of his conversations.” Hello, hello! He was on this phone again.
Alas, his partner, I should say had turned off his phone. Now this man looked so angry he could peel my face just by looking at it. A peaceful ride was all I wanted to enjoy, and now I looked as exhausted as the man that had just finished his business deal. Now, you can call that transfer of stress, all this made me forget the night could still be very refreshing.
On we went everyone on their way home or wherever they were going.” HELEN!!! OOOOHELEN!” I turned quickly, who was mentioning my name as if I was far north and needed the help of a microphone to know that I was being called. Realization hit me hard; I’m not the only one called Helen, how funny. It was just another person on phone shouting Helen like he has missed her forever. Even if he did, why scream for the whole world to be disturbed.” OooHelen! When are you coming? I can’t wait to see how pretty you have grown.”
How annoying could this world get? So on we went, adjusting myself to the new microphones that fascinated me, getting used all the noise hovering around me and wouldn’t let me be.
I finally got to my destination, my joyful ride sabotaged by passengers who had advertently caused it. My phone started ringing and there I was seriously combing my handbag to arrest my phone where ever it has gone hiding. I wasn’t in jeans so I didn’t have it in my pocket, this is too much work. I finally found it, but there was no caller ID so it sent me wondering who might be calling. It could be my husband cos I was running a bit late. I immediately scraped that idea; well there was only one way to find out.
’’Hello, hello, I responded. Am I speaking to Helen, the caller asked. “Of course you are”, “Guess who this is?” Seriously at this time and age grown-ups still wants to remain young. I remember doing that in my teens but not now.
I said, “Just let the cat out of the bag and stop messing with me”
“It’s Kenai”
”Kenai! Kenai”, the accuser stands accused. Screaming, not really screaming, I wouldn’t berate myself that much.
So you can as well guess how the story ends.
At one point in time, we all happen to use a microphone instead of a mobile phone

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