Intuition II

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I looked at my time again and it was 7:45 and the traffic was moving slowly. At least I was halfway through the journey.
I got a message from Chris
Me- Hi. Can you imagine I got up late, is almost 8:00 and am nowhere close to the office.
Chris- Call the office and explain to them you would be late.
Me- That is a great idea. Let me call them quickly and get back to you.
Chris- Sure.
I don’t why I hadn’t thought about that earlier. I quickly dialed their number and patiently waited for them to pick up.
“Hello Good morning, Bullion Investment how can I help you?”
Hello Gifty, is Clare, am the new Account Executive. I am to report at 8 but am having a little issue with my transport, can you kindly tell Mr. Amoah that I would report late.
“OK, I will inform him”
“I would appreciate that”, I responded.
“See you soon, bye”.
I was so relieved after I made the call, I left I could relax now.
I immediately sent a message to Chris
Me: I called them and they are ok with it. I feel much better now. Thanks for your great idea.
Chris: It wasn’t that great, I am sure it would have occurred to you if the time was getting closer to 8.
Me: Probably

Chris: How was your night?
Me: Do you need to ask? It was so short I want more. I can’t even believe you are up already. If I were you I would be sleeping like nobody’s business.
Chris: I can imagine, you even slept in the car before I could say, Jack.
Me: Can you blame me? I was extremely exhausted.’
Chris: Such a baby, I had fun yesterday. You were fun. I loved every bit of it.
Me: Aww, if I were white I would be blushing by now.
Chris: I enjoyed the kiss.
Me: Don’t remind me, I am so embarrassed by it.
Chris: You shouldn’t be. Go have a great day and let’s make this right. I would like to see you this evening.
You should have seen me at that point. I was grinning like a little girl that has just gotten a  toy for the first time.
Me: I would love that.
Chris: Seven ok with you?
Me: Definitely. Am almost at the office, let me settle in and get back to you.
Chris: Have a lovely day.

I checked my watch it was 8:47 am.

I opened the door and stepped in.
I was nicely greeted by Gifty, the lady I had spoken to earlier.
“Have a seat, Mr. Amoah would be with you shortly”
I patiently waited and at 9:15 Mr. Amoah came out exchanged pleasantries with me and showed me my office with my seat.
“You would be introduced to the whole staff at 10 am this morning during our meeting”, he said.
“Alright”, I responded.
“In the meantime make yourself comfortable.”
I sat my by desk very content and happy. So I said a proper prayer.
Dear God,
Thank you so much for answering my prayer. I have searched for a job for over 11 months and just when I think am no good you answer my prayer. Thank you. Amen

Chris sent me another message

Chris; Hi
Me: Hi am up for a meeting. Let me get back to you.
I immediately put the phone in my bag. It was some few minutes to ten.
Mr.Amoah came and directed me to the office of the Head  Human Resource. I waited silently.
Mr, Atiamo came and greeted me. Apparently, he had traveled during the time of my shortlisting and interviewing.
“Hello Miss”
“Hello”, I responded.
“I Am Mr. Atiamo and you are our New accounts executive, right?”
“Yes please”
“What time did you get here?”
Immediately he asked that question my heart sank. I wondered why he would ask.
“Some few minutes past 8:00”, I responded.
“Few minutes?”, he asked.
“Some few minutes to nine”, I changed my answer.
My head was really pounding and wondering why he was asking this question.
“Do you care to tell us why you came in so late?”, he asked
“Ermm had a little trouble getting a vehicle to get here. I have been here twice, but I know this is no excuse but I didn’t know the traffic to this part of town is really intensive in the morning. Sorry for the lateness it wouldn’t happen again.” I said.
“Alright Clare, we take our work here very seriously. If you don’t have the decency to show up on time for the first working day in your new position what guarantee do we have to you not repeating this very thing again”, he said.

“Well, I give you my word it wouldn’t happen again”, I responded slowly.
“It would have been easier to overlook it but with the state of the of the issue we can’t overlook it,” he said.
I was confused, the state of what exactly? I asked myself.
“I want to project an information for you to see”, he said
And immediately he projected my heart sunk, there I was with Chris and Besty in our tipsy pictures. We looked like we were having a time of our lives.
“When was this?’ he finally asked me
Huh?, I was confused, I didn’t even hear his question.
He repeated, “When was this taken?”
“Yesterday”, I answered, “It was at a friends birthday party”
“What time was it posted,” he asked
“1;48 am”, I replied.
And you are sure this was yesterday?
Was he giving me a chance to deny it, I thought to myself
He took his seat and finally said, “We have to let you go?”
What!!, I couldn’t believe it, was I hearing them right. I hope you understand where we are coming from. Today the MD decided to check who we were hiring only to get to your page and find these pictures of you. It didn’t also help that you came in late. I hope you understand where we are coming from. Plus you confirmed taking these yesterday”, he said.I couldn’t find my tongue.

But honestly, I couldn’t find their train of thought, life is too short to be prim and proper all the time. We are supposed to have fun before we get too feeble to do something about our lives. All, I was doing was having fun. How could they not see that? But first I had to deal with the situation.

“Please can’t you speak on my behalf, it wouldn’t happen again. I can have an undertaking so if I report late I could be dismissed”, I said in a trembling voice.
I was that desperate, who starts a work with an undertaking?
“No Clare, I am sorry there is nothing much I can do at this moment and coming in  late didn’t help you either.
I got up, everything seemed so surreal, it was like I wasn’t in control of my body. I was in a trance.
I walked to the office picked up my bag and stepped out.
I picked my phone, it was 10;45 am, I saw some messages from friends wishing me the best of the day. My tears flowed freely and I opened that of Chris messages.
Chris; Have a nice day dear, all the best. See you soon
I sobbed much louder if only I had read his message much earlier if only I had prepared myself by leaving the party grounds early. If only I had listened to my instincts.

All I can do is follow my instincts because I’ll never please everyone.

Am glad my story didn’t end there, I was called back the day after. I was obviously happier than I could ever be. I promised I would always do what mattered the most and I wouldn’t make such grave mistakes again. It was a lesson well learned.


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