M is for Makeup πŸ’„

I was at a wedding recently, and there was this gentleman not sitting far from me, talking passionately about how these modern girls have lost touch with themselves.

And why was he going on and on about his ranting?

Because from the bride to the bridesmaid and even to the female guests present, let me use his words ‘Bath themselves in makeup for men who prefer them without it’.

I thought it was just the end, but he went on gossiping about the individual ladies, from their lips being too red, to the shade of the makeup not matching the dress. To say I was shocked is an understatement! I mean he is a young man, so I thought he was enlightened enough to know that it was not in place to tell us what we need to do with our faces!

I think some people will look better if they weren’t blabbing and kept some opinions to themselves. He thought we would look better without makeup, I bet he also thought we would look better if we were skinnier, curvier, and had a permanent smile on our faces.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to take his uninvited opinion, I continued rocking my red lips just because I was at a wedding.

I want to make something clear, to some people that think that the world revolves around them, I did not put on the makeup for you, so I am surely not going to take it off for you and if I put it on to make myself feel great, then why do you assume it is your place to make me feel terrible. You think we look better without it and the next guy thinks we look better with it, but no one stops to ask how we feel about ourselves.

You give us the threshold of what perfection is in terms of how we should look, dress, and weigh. Your view is just another on the list of things that society desires us to be, and pardon me if I care more about my face suiting than I do about suiting you.

I certainly do not oppose people who admire natural beauty, I believe there is a difference between saying you look better without makeup and saying you look beautiful without makeup. I know it’s a different angle when you are not wearing makeup and you are told you look good, but you don’t tell people the makeup they are wearing is not your taste. With that said, there are great people who will compliment you appropriately, kudus to you, we appreciate your kind!

I tell you, if and when we do start telling random men we just met our opinion on how they should dress or look then we are the bossy ones, and their feelings are hurt.

One response to “M is for Makeup πŸ’„”

  1. Not sure where that generalization about women putting on make-up to impress men originated from, but it sure has been swallowed hook, line and sinker by some men. Sad part is that young man must have left the ceremony feeling ‘good’ about himself for having been bold to spew his opinions when no one asked. Good read!

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